Toward the end of 2015 I was fortunate enough to photograph Lolo Jones for an Orangetheory Fitness campaign.

If you are unfamiliar with Lolo Jones, she is a track and field and bobsled athlete.  She is one of few people to compete in both the Summer and Winter Olympics.  Lolo is sponsored by Red Bull, Asics and is also brand ambassador for Orangetheory Fitness.

If you are a photographer starting up or you are just someone that’s a little curious about the process of commercial photography here are some outtakes.  Outtakes don’t necessarily mean they are bad shots, clients are just looking for something specific to go with the ad campaign.  Plus there were a ton of great shots, you just can’t use them all.

Lolo Jones in the studio

Lolo Jones in the studio

Asics footwear

Lolo using the “rowing machine”

Lolo outtake

Outtake of her having fun on set.

Above you see some of the outtakes and what the actual studio background looks like before some of the images get comped into the final ads.

Below you can see some of the final ads after they have been composited.

My style of photography isn’t big on compositing, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just not my style.  I typically like to try and get the shot in camera.  In this case a little bit of compositing is necessary and works really well.

Lolo Jones for an Orangetheory Fitness Campaign, photography by Matt D'Annunzio

Lolo Jones ad placement

A model we used for some of the other placements

I Burn For



Using the TRX


Here’s a few images I really liked that I edited and used in my portfolio.

They may not have worked for the campaign, but they look great on my site and in my portfolio.  You can see that I cleaned up the backgrounds a bit and made them fit together.

Bosu workout

Bosu workout


Free weights for Orangetheory Fitness

Free weights


Olympic Sprinter Lolo Jones

Olympic Sprinter Lolo Jones


Here it is on a billboard in Times Square.

If it sounds a little like I’m blowing my own horn, it’s because I am.  Let’s face it, I’m a photographer, that’s what we do!

Billboard in Times Square of Olympian Lolo Jones for Orangetheory Fitness

Billboard in Times Square


And last but not least, a video of the final Times Square placement.

I won’t take credit for the animation, I’ll let the folks at Tombras take it.  They are the great folks who hired me for the job.


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